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Glorified the natural product and humble beginnings ...comericalize stable end goods

WHY Beauty Shea:

In 2014, I started the beautiful journey of motherhood. As my son began to grow, I noticed his skin developing dark spots on certain parts of his body.

Eager to cure my son's skin discoloration, I tried every skin remedy recommended. Nothing healed it. Every mother can imagine how frustrating and discouraging this time was for me. I just wanted to help my son.

Desperate for a remedy, I called my own Liberian mother — a woman who always has the answers [OR SOMETHING LIKE THAT. THIS WOULD BE A GOOD PLACE TO ADD A LITTLE BIT OF DETAIL ABOUT THE MOTHER TO BRING THE STORY BEHIND THIS COMPANY TO LIFE]. She recommended I try our family home remedies, which included the natural shea butter found in West Africa. I asked her to send me some from Liberia. I started using it on my son, and immediately noticed his skin discoloration began to heal. I was overwhelmed with joy! I knew I needed to help other mothers by providing them with my amazing products.

I realized how effective our family remedy was with my son and knew it was time to share my piece of Africa with the world. At the time, my husband was in Ghana, working on a project. I asked him to send me Ghana's all natural Ivory Shea Butter, palm oil, coconut oil, and more so I could start selling our family recipes to friends and family. Everyone who tried our product fell in love and kept coming back for more.

My husband and I realized we had fallen into a great business idea. The more research I did, the more I learned Shea butter is in everything: body lotion, hair products, face soap and more. The first thought I had was “Wow! My mom was right — this natural ingredient that grew in our backyard is in everything.” I recognized the whole world loves Shea butter. That’s when BeautyShea was born.


  • Great Natural Product that works With...
  • Strong Logistics and Supply Chain System
  • Strong Marketing and Go to Market Strategy

So What:

BeautyShea as a company Product 4 raw material products in Walmart, Amazon.com and Local Beauty supply stores.  Just finished 2 Finished Skin products out of the lab waiting for production and 4 new hair products in R&D stage pre lab/clinical trials Create This slide Graphics…. How Does the Process work for Shea: (Can we put this in a block-chain ledger?)

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Shea butter is a seed fat that comes from the shea tree. ...
The shea butter comes from two oily kernels within the shea tree seed. Afterthe kernel is removed from the seed, it is ground into a powder and boiled in water. The butter then rises to the top of the water and becomes solid.

  • Co-op in Village – Shea Nuts fallas from the tree.
  • Women from the village Co-op Process them with their hands
    and box it.)
  • Google She Butter making Process

Ed please tell us the end to end process.


Edward Organized and bought a warehouse house in Tema- Ghana.


Goodsor transported overseas from Ghana to the US.


Goods arrive at seaport in US and then its taking to the
Shea Beauty Wholesale packaging facility in Philadelphia.

Our Philosophy

BeautyShea is a natural and nourishing beauty brand that is dedicated to promoting healthy skin and hair with the highest quality, pure ingredients.

CEO and founder - Edward Dickson:

The mastermind of Supply Chain and Logistics. After graduating from IUP with a degree in business Edward gained employment with USAID. He spent 5 years as head of business development consultant for logistics with USAID. He specialized in exportation to the US with agriculture processing products for food and cosmetics.

While Eward was executing his USAID project in Ghana, he would walk from village to village meeting with women of (jfkshajkhdsf) getting to understand the Shea Butter production process.


One Co-op group that Edward worked with and interested him was the women Co-op groups that focused on creating raw shea butter materials. Edward would help these women by packaging and shipping the raw materials to the US. The raw materials were being sold to organizations like Walmart, Sundeal amazon  (an organic African brand), Johnson and Johnson, and in return these ladies were impacted economically and had funds to pay for their children’s school fees and other small expenses.

Edwards' experience in logistics and relationships he built with the women of the village made him decide to partner/co-own a few of these women-led Co-ops to maintain his raw material supplies.

The women-led Co-ops provide BeautyShea with: Shea-Butter,
Coconut Oil, Palm Oil, Morinago, and Bobo OJ.

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